Business Support


Recruitment administration support

Hiring is a tedious and cumbersome task. You must advertise the job offering in the right place, filter from the candidate list, conduct interviews, and, lastly, prepare employment contracts.

Many Labuan start-up companies do not have the manpower or budget to properly handle the essential details of employment/recruitment.

By outsourcing your recruitment administration to us, you can reduce your burden when it comes to tedious administration work. We help you look for candidates according to your requirement and shortlist a few qualified candidates for interviews.

By appointing us, you can simplify your hiring process and go straight to the last step of hiring.

This allows you to focus on more important things to grow your company, such as sales and marketing.

Payroll management

Payroll processing can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Contrary to popular belief, payroll processing is about more than paying staff salaries. Employers also need to determine their contribution to employee insurance, employees’ provident fund, personal income tax deductions, withholding tax, updating annual leave and sick pay, and more. Moreover, employers need to submit an employee tax filing every year.

In short, as an employer, there are many compliances you must fulfil.

When you engage our payroll services, you will be assigned a payroll officer who will personally work with you on your payroll needs.

Booking and accounting

All businesses require a properly managed accounting system. This is because a well-designed accounting system ensures that relevant and trustworthy data are documented in financial accounts, allowing for improved financial management. There are numerous benefits to adopting a reliable accounting system to run your company.

One of the benefits is that it keeps your finger on the pulse by allowing you to examine your company’s financial data at any time. In short, a competent accounting system saves you time and money by assisting in your business’s growth and establishment.

Virtual personal assistance

Virtual Personal Assistant a.k.a. VPA works as your Personal Assistant, supporting you in your travel arrangements. We assist you with hotel reservations and flight ticket booking in Labuan. This ensures that business owners or managers have total peace of mind.

As a highly experienced VPA service provider, we have the capabilities to work for you and manage your travel needs.