Let’s Go On

Lets Go On
As a company that’s committed to continually enhancing the client experience, the team at SOCOWO are always looking for ways to expand and improve our products, and in line with this ethos, we’ve recently made the decision to add four useful new services to our existing offerings.

The first of these is company e-signage. Moving forward, it will now be possible to display your company name and logo at our main entrance, to make it easier for your clients and suppliers to locate you. This will be displayed on a screen, with each business’ information being shown for three seconds at a time on a continuous loop.

In addition to this, SOCOWO will also be providing a new HR and recruitment service. Turning to the local population to find suitable professionals to meet your employment needs, we will look to assist you in recruiting suitable candidates for the role, to save you the time and effort of having to handle this yourself.

If this were not exciting enough, we’ve introduced a staff attendance report feature too. This will allow your company to easily monitor when your employees arrive at your premises, so that you can track individuals who are consistently punctual or consistently late and manage them accordingly.

Finally, we will be providing a new working space in Kuala Lumpur. Set up to cater to those who occasionally work in the city but are not present on a more permanent basis, it will offer a modern and productive environment outfitted with support staff ranging from legal advisors through to company secretaries.

Together, we hope that these changes will enable us to do even more for our valued clients, to help make your professional lives easier and more efficient. Should you wish to learn more about any of our services, please do feel free to contact our team at admin@socowolabuan.com for further information or to make enquiries.

Yours faithfully,
The SOCOWO team

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