Working remotely vs Coworking

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Most employee started working remotely due to Covid-19. Remote working allows employees to do their work-related task at home instead of their usual workplace. Employees use electronic media (ie google doc, Staffhub, Slack, Zoom) to manage, communicate and conduct their work with people outside and inside of the company. It is a new style of working for the future generations as technology is advancing at a tremendous speed.

Working remotely means people do not need to commute to the office daily and they could have more time to spend on their job’s tasks at home and they could work from wherever they want. The idea is to give flexibility to the employees so that they could do their work more efficiently. This concept changes the way think about a traditional workplace such as an office. The advantage of working remotely is not only can increase its productivity, but also reduce company fix expenses like renting and maintaining an office.

Nevertheless, working from home decreases the chance for the employees from being able to expand the network with other people. A formal workplace is important when comes to execute private and confidential matter, having e-meeting with super VVIP, or you need physical material for the coming function. A co-working need not you to fully commit to long office leases or hefty deposits. With various options, you can choose what works for you and your task. Go month-to-month or even daily if you’d like. A true working remote shall consist of flexible work location (home and office or formal workplace) and flexible work schedule which depends on the company to produce quality work.


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